Duane Hammer

Dogwood_Business_Development_—_Duane_HammerDuane Hammer, owner of Dogwood Business Development, Inc., is a business mentor who specializes in helping business owners set professional and personal goals and to implement the strategies necessary to achieve them.

With over thirty years of sales/marketing/management experience, Duane has been exposed to all types of businesses and has worked with many different types of business owners. By attentively listening to them and observing how they conducted their business, he has a clear understanding of and appreciation for the challenges business owners face – especially in today’s economic climate. Over the years, he has learned that all business owners share one thing in common: they are all looking for ways to grow their business. What most of them lack is accountability for taking the steps necessary for growth. With Duane providing the accountability component as a Mentor, business owners achieve the growth they desire and beyond.

Duane has a passion for having a positive impact on people’s lives – their business life, their personal life, and their faith. He holds his clients accountable and responsible for taking the steps necessary to move their business forward and demands results – not reasons. His training and experience give Duane the tools necessary for viable business solutions and his focus on the needs of the client make him an effective advisor.

Duane and his wife of 39 years, Mary, have three grown sons and two grandchildren. He enjoys playing golf, soccer, softball, singing, and spending time with his grandkids.

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(937) 594-2129

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 Gil Reymann

Dogwood_Business_Development_—_Gil_ReymannWith over forty-six years in Marketing, Sales and Management, Gil Reymann brings a wealth of experience for helping business owners create and successfully implement marketing programs and developing leadership strategies essential for achieving positive results. Gil’s background crosses several industries from Manufacturing to Insurance to Property Management. Having P&L responsibility of a world market segment for a large manufacturer, he researched, created and diligently led a three-year marketing campaign – raising a 5% market share to over 36% and successfully controlling the market. His pattern of success includes manager of government sales, sales training, and project manager for worldwide product introduction for two top ten construction equipment manufacturers. Gil has performed market research studies across the United States and Latin America and has managed both domestic and international trade shows and related marketing activities for both major U.S. off-highway construction manufacturers.

Working with business owners and managers, Gil understands their goals and objectives and is able to assist them in creating and planning marketing programs to achieve their desired results. It is aptly said that active listening plays a vital role in effective leadership and executing annual conceptual marketing programs. Gil states that, “In today’s economic climate, it is essential to have a clear understanding of and appreciation for the challenges facing business owners. While they are all looking for ways to grow their businesses, what generally is lacking is accountability for taking the steps necessary to achieve desired growth and beyond.”

An Army veteran with fifteen months of combat leadership in Viet Nam, Gil’s education, training and experience have provided him with the tools necessary for viable business solutions. His dedication to focus on the client’s needs, aligned with their vision, makes Gil a trusted advisor.

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(614) 989-0331

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