Duane Hammer

Dogwood_Business_Development_—_Duane_HammerDuane Hammer, owner of Dogwood Business Development, is a catalyst for business growth and personal development. Read Duane’s full bio

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(937) 594-2129
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Gil Reymann

Dogwood_Business_Development_—_Gil_ReymannWith over forty-six years in marketing, sales, and management, Gil brings a wealth of experience for assisting business owners create and successfully implement leadership strategies essential to achieving positive results. Read Gil’s full bio
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(614) 989-0331
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DBD Team

Recognizing that our clients need advice from professionals in certain fields – accounting, legal services, banking, etc. – we have aligned ourselves with a team of such professionals to assist our clients.


“…I have benefited from his leadership, teaching, and advice through the 12-Week Year program he leads through one-on-one coaching. …by moving me from a reactionary business approach to a planned approach. …even more valuable is the confidence he has instilled in me, allowing me to  continue to grow my business after a few years of flat revenue.” -Eric Floehr, President Intellovations, LLC Read more


“Duane has been both coach and cheerleader. He holds us accountable. We continue to break monthly sales records and are enthused.” -Diane Kehler, Co-owner Cartridge World Dublin Read more


“Dogwood Business Development has been instrumental in helping me as a small business owner, to wade through the maze of organizational development, personnel, hiring, budgeting, and a lot of the facets of owning your own business.” -Cathrine R. Hufnagle, Owner Hufnagle Insurance Group, Inc. Read more


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  • Nothing is impossible. The word itself says, “I’m possible”!