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Duane Hammer

Dogwood_Business_Development_—_Duane_HammerDuane Hammer, owner of Dogwood Business Development, is a catalyst for business growth and personal development. A graduate of Capital University and the Union County Leadership Institute with over forty years of sales/marketing/management/coaching experience, Duane mentors those who are seeking help in taking their business or other entity from simply “striving” to “thriving”! His training, experience, and attentiveness give Duane the tools necessary for viable business solutions and his focus on the needs of the client make him an effective mentor. By fostering a faith-based, proactive versus reactive approach to business, fueled by a passion for education and helping others succeed, Duane is effective in helping his clients get positive results. Through education and planning, Duane works with his clients to develop the strategies necessary to achieve established goals – and he holds the client accountable for following through. As a result, Dogwood clients have achieved business and personal growth beyond what they thought was possible. Read Duane’s full bio

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Gil Reymann

Dogwood_Business_Development_—_Gil_ReymannWith over forty-six years in marketing, sales, and management, Gil brings a wealth of experience for assisting business owners create and successfully implement leadership strategies essential to achieving positive results. It is aptly said that active listening plays a vital role in effective leadership toward execution and fulfillment of a plan. With fifteen months of service in combat leadership in Viet Nam, Gil has the mental toughness and abilities necessary for focusing on the needs of clients in order to provide viable solutions. Through education and planning with accountability, most clients have achieved more than ninety-five per cent success in achieving their goals. Read Gil’s full bio
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(614) 989-0331
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