Never Enough Money

Why is it that I never seem to have enough money?  No matter how hard I work or how much I earn or how careful I am with my spending, I always seem to need more money.  Not just want more…NEED more!

My “needs” seem to increase as my available dollars increase.  I remember thinking a while back that, “If I just had an extra $1,000…”.  Well, over the years, I have been blessed with more than that $1,000. Yet, I find myself continually wishing for an “extra $1,000.  Realizing this, I thought, “Shame on me!”

The issue is that I alone determine my “needs”.  No one else. Yes, costs and expenses increase but I’ve managed to survive.  Maybe if I focus more on gratitude, I won’t worry so much about my growing “needs”.  Hmm.  

What do you think?