Category: Mindset

  • No Shortcuts

    When it comes to achieving true success, there are no shortcuts.  Having a vision of what you want your future to be is not enough.  Simply wishing, hoping, and, yes, even praying does not do it.  We must take the necessary steps to move forward.  Planning and implementation of the plan along with tracking results […]

  • Year End Thoughts

    What a year!  The challenges businesses have faced in 2020 are unlike any experienced in the last decade – if not ever.  The pandemic has resulted in patience all but running out, tempers running short, and communication being reduced to mostly confrontational.  Relationships and morale have deteriorated as a result causing desired results to be […]

  • Stressed by the Pandemic?

    What impact has the pandemic had on focus, desire, and hope of you, your team, and your business?  If you have experienced or are experiencing less than positivity, you are not alone.  Every business and person I’ve talked to has been stressed by the pandemic to varying degrees.  Personally, I believe that God helps us […]

  • What’s That?

    This week, my granddaughter (19) showed us her most recent independent purchase – a tattoo.  Admittedly, I am not a fan of tattoos, but I do understand the significance and meaning often attached to them.  Hers was no exception. The inscription forever emblazoned on her forearm is simply: I > ⬆⬇ : She explained that […]

  • Refreshing as Rain

    It’s raining outside my window at home.  Not a downpour, but a nice, steady Spring rain.  All is quiet as I listen to the patter of the raindrops.  For a brief moment, all chaos, worry, and noise from everyday life as we know it today is hushed.  What a feeling! I hope you, too, are […]