Category: Mindset

  • Visions Never Go Away

    A client of mine recently went through some challenging times. Declining sales, personnel issues, and owner health issues took their toll and threatened to dash the dreams of the owner. Sound at all familiar? Last October, I posted a blog dealing with holding on to your dreams. When we first start a business or a […]

  • Embrace the “Yes”

    Do you find it difficult to say,”No”?  If so, you probably also often wish you hadn’t said, “Yes”; spending much time, thought, and wringing-of-hands lamenting the fact that you couldn’t or didn’t say, “No”.  As you work on becoming more comfortable with managing your time better by being able to say, “No”, I encourage you […]

  • Finishing the Race

    Recently I watched my grandkids compete in a high school cross country competition. It was a large event with over 100 boys running in the “B” group. Although I am proud of my grandkids, I am not writing about them. Rather, I am writing about the LAST place finisher in the boys “B” group. ALL […]

  • The Positives and the Negatives

    Do you find yourself too often getting bogged down in negatives? Processing and dealing with negatives on the news, at home, and in the office zap energy and focus. Need help with re-gaining a positive mindset? Suggestion: Set up two columns on a sheet of paper. On one column, list the negatives and challenges you have faced […]

  • Hold On Tight To Your Dreams

    Remember “Hold On Tight” by the band Electric Light Orchestra in 1981? In planning for your future and working toward your goals, it is important to heed these words. The song tells us that, “When you need a shoulder to cry on, when you get so sick of tryin’” and “When you get so down […]