Category: Mindset

  • Making Your Bed is a Great Way to Start each Morning

    MAKE YOUR BED!! How often did you hear those words spoken (in varying intensity) as you were growing up? Did you resent it and wonder. “Why?”? Obviously, our parents “encouraged” us to make our beds as a way to teach us responsibility, completion of tasks, and who-knows- what other life lessons. We saw it as something else we […]

  • Working Through Adversity

    It happened to me AGAIN this morning! Seemingly the world was against me – plans going awry, my “to do” list getting longer instead of shorter, becoming overwhelmed with what to do and how to do it. I wanted so badly to just pull up the covers, go back to sleep, and not deal with […]

  • Make Time to Recharge Your Batteries

    What do smoke detectors, remote-control cars, hearing aids, and people have in common?  Answer: They all need their batteries re-charged periodically!!  When was the last time you had your “batteries re-charged” for dealing with the challenges you face on a daily basis? Have you allowed your batteries to run down so far that your life […]