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  • CLEAR Goals

    Recently I posted a blog where I presented the acronyms for goal-setting: “S(pecific).M(easurable).A(chievable).R(ealistic).T(imebound).” and “P(ositive).U(nderstood).R(elevent).E(thical). for goal-setting.  (with acknowledgement to Cheri Alguire)   Ms. Alguire presented a third acronym for goal-setting that you may find helpful, interesting, and fun: C.L.E.A.R. goals.  Challenging – Is your goal challenging to you? Does it fill you with excitement at […]

  • PURE Goals

    You are probably familiar with the acronym: “S(pecific).M(easurable).A(chievable).R(ealistic).T(imebound).” used in discussions regarding goal-setting.  We use it in our Quarterly Planning Sessions to make sure goals set are indeed “SMART” goals. I recently came across an article by Cheri Alguire that presents another acronym for goal-setting: P.U.R.E. Goals. Positive – Is your goal positively stated? Our […]

  • Vision Or Action?

    Which is more critical to success – vision or action?  Do you remember when you first started your business or career choice?  Most likely, you had a clear vision of what your future would hold by pursuing that path.  Undoubtedly you were excited and energized by the possibilities, but it did not stop there, did […]

  • Planning With Prioritization

    With each Quarterly Planning Session, I am reminded of the value of planning.  I am also reminded of the positive impact planning has not only on businesses, but more importantly on the people doing the planning.  Much of our angst and worry comes from seemingly having too many things to do and not enough time […]

  • Planning Is A Waste Of Time!

    I’ve been told that planning is overrated or even a waste of time!  Why plan when life just gets in the way and our plans are thrown off anyway?  Or, my plans never seem to work out. Sound familiar? Well, is it the planning that is at fault here or the execution of the plan […]