Category: Accountability

  • Accountability Ally Part 2

    In an earlier blog, we talked about the importance of utilizing an “accountability ally” for increased productivity in your business.  Did you ever think of yourself as an “accountability ally” for your team?  You should hold yourself to the same standards as you do for your “ally”:  To achieve your desired results, you must make […]

  • Utilizing an Accountability Ally

    In your business, to whom are you held accountable?  It’s no secret that productivity levels are higher when we are held accountable.  Whether you have a board of directors or a personal business coach, utilizing a trusted “accountability ally” can help you achieve more in a shorter period of time. When selecting your “accountability ally”, […]

  • Setting The Tone For Meetings

    Do you too often find meetings boring, unproductive, repetitive, or incapable of holding your attention?  If so, did you know that YOU may be the reason for that – whether you’re running the meeting or not?! Your frame-of-mind going into the meeting sets the tone of the meeting for YOU.  If you’re focused on other […]