Recently I posted a blog where I presented the acronyms for goal-setting:

“S(pecific).M(easurable).A(chievable).R(ealistic).T(imebound).” and “P(ositive).U(nderstood).R(elevent).E(thical). for goal-setting.  (with acknowledgement to Cheri Alguire)  

Ms. Alguire presented a third acronym for goal-setting that you may find helpful, interesting, and fun: C.L.E.A.R. goals. 

  • Challenging – Is your goal challenging to you? Does it fill you with excitement at the possibilities?
  • Legal – Of course, you don’t want to break any laws, so be sure your goal, and the steps to achieve it, all are legal.
  • Environmentally Sound – Does your goal make sense within your environment? In both your work and your home environment, be sure that your goal is achievable.
  • Appropriate – Is it an appropriate goal for you to be focused on? If not, why not?
  • Recorded – Have you recorded your goal and your steps in any form? Checklist, to-do list, calendar – whatever your way, finalize your dreams by putting them into a tangible form.

Per Ms. Alguire, “Using acronyms such as SMART, PURE and CLEAR are great ways to make sure you are writing goals that are really specific enough, clear enough, detailed enough. By having this kind of a goal you can really measure it, you can really create a plan around it, you can really achieve it.”

Yet another way to make sure your goals are effective and great!

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PURE Goals

You are probably familiar with the acronym: “S(pecific).M(easurable).A(chievable).R(ealistic).T(imebound).” used in discussions regarding goal-setting.  We use it in our Quarterly Planning Sessions to make sure goals set are indeed “SMART” goals.

I recently came across an article by Cheri Alguire that presents another acronym for goal-setting: P.U.R.E. Goals.

  • Positive – Is your goal positively stated? Our brains are tricky and if you have any negative connotations surrounding your goal, you’ll have a less likely chance of success.
  • Understood – Are you sure you completely understand your goal, the methods for achieving it, and the results you want to attain?
  • Relevant – Is your goal significant to you? Does it connect in your life in an appropriate and significant manner?
  • Ethical – Does your goal pertain to a high standard? Is it an honest and moral goal?

Just another way to make sure your goals are great!

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Never Enough Money

Why is it that I never seem to have enough money?  No matter how hard I work or how much I earn or how careful I am with my spending, I always seem to need more money.  Not just want more…NEED more!

My “needs” seem to increase as my available dollars increase.  I remember thinking a while back that, “If I just had an extra $1,000…”.  Well, over the years, I have been blessed with more than that $1,000. Yet, I find myself continually wishing for an “extra $1,000.  Realizing this, I thought, “Shame on me!”

The issue is that I alone determine my “needs”.  No one else. Yes, costs and expenses increase but I’ve managed to survive.  Maybe if I focus more on gratitude, I won’t worry so much about my growing “needs”.  Hmm.  

What do you think?

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Are You In The Same Boat As Your Team?

Are you in the same boat as your team?  Do you find yourself doing a lot of rowing while your team are in other boats going in different or even opposite directions?  If so, it’s time to make some changes.

  • First of all, get your team in the same boat – all of you rowing the same boat in the same direction.  Aligned with your team, you will be able to go further and faster in achieving your goals and dreams.  
  • Next, make sure your team knows what the final destination (goal) is and the target date for completion.  This will help reduce or eliminate the risk of burn-out while instilling a sense of urgency for the team to do what they must (work hard) to reach the goal by the target date.
  • Finally, your job is to make sure your team are in sync in their rowing; otherwise, they will be working against each other as well as against you.  Placement of the team – having the right people in the right positions – is essential for peak performance. You are essentially the coxswain of the boat.

Managed correctly, a group aligned can accomplish so much more than any individual.

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It’s Going To Be Great

A client recently adopted an attitude of “It’s going to be great!”.  And what a difference it has made in his outlook regarding his business, approach to challenges, and overall attitude and energy level.  But let’s back up to look at what life was like before this change.

Faced daily with the challenges of leading a team, dealing with the unexpected, and making critical decisions on the fly, this client found himself bogged down with the negatives.  It seemed that each new day brought with it a new level of stress leading to his doubting the future of the business. No hope led to self-doubt, doubting others, and no clear vision for the future.  Then he adopted the phrase, “It’s going to be great!”.

What a difference!  He is now approaching each day with a clear vision of where the business is and where he wants it to go.  He faces daily challenges and issues with a renewed confidence. His leadership inspires the team by instilling a renewed confidence in them as well.

Suggestion: for better results, adopt an attitude of, “It’s going to be great!”.  And it will be!!

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Today’s Motivation:

  • We should not give up. We should not allow the problem to defeat us.