Workplace Drama

The popular children’s story of Chicken Little is full of lessons.  As the story goes, an acorn fell on Chicken Little’s head causing him to think that the sky was falling.  He then went about needlessly warning others about the sky falling causing panic among his friends. In dealing with a client who has had issues with drama in the workplace, this story came to mind and how much it speaks to this common workplace issue.

  1. Workplace drama is the result of jumping to conclusions before knowing the facts
  2. Workplace drama is the result of spreading false or inaccurate information
  3. Workplace drama takes away the focus of others.  It’s a huge time-waster.
  4. Workplace drama leads to more chaos, disruption, and even catastrophe..

   In the story, as the group got larger, so did the intensity that was further fueled by Turkey Lurkey saying, “I always knew the sky would fall someday.”  Again, no factual basis for this belief.

How then is workplace drama curtailed?  It starts with good leadership. An effective leader immediately addresses the drama with facts, unlike a less-effective leader who facilitates the drama by choosing sides or ignores it thus allowing it to run rampant.

So, ask yourself and your team if you are a facilitator of or a solution to workplace drama.  

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Your Business Is A Seed

You as a business owner have planted a seed.  That seed is your business. You took careful steps to make sure it got off to the right start.  Much thought and planning went into determining a name, filing as a business entity, deciding on a location within your budget, and a variety of other decisions needed to successfully launch your business.  Hopefully your efforts did not stop there by simply watching and waiting for the seed (your business) to grow.

That seed needs tended to.  It needs watered, protected from insects, weeds, and harsh elements, and looked after as it starts to bud and grow.  Without this attention, the seed faces an uphill battle for survival. The same can be said for your business.

What are you doing to nurture and grow your business?

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What Is Your Net Worth?

What is your “net worth”?  A few may know their financial net worth, but how many of us know our net worth as a person/  

Our Pastor spoke of our net worth in her sermon on Sunday and it caused me to consider my “net worth” as a person.  

Working with business owners as I do, I find it very interesting that most business owners do not know their net worth – financially.  While I understand that some humbly do not place a high priority on their own net worth, many others simply do not want to know what their net worth is – fearing that they will not like what they see.  You see, to determine one’s net worth financially, an honest assessment must be made of assets versus liabilities. The more assets we have and the fewer liabilities, the higher our net worth. Too often we are afraid that we will see that the liabilities outweigh the assets so we do not even attempt to find out for sure..  Well…the same applies to considering our “net worth” as individuals.

If you are at all like me, we are afraid to honestly assess our personal worth because we may not like the results.  Whatever high opinion we have of ourselves may be diminished or, even worse, the low opinion we have of ourselves may be confirmed and supported!  Therefore, we choose to not know – rationalizing that it really makes no difference what my net worth is anyway – personal or financial.

Interestingly I have found that, once most business owners honestly assess their financial position, most are surprised by the positive results.  Things are not usually as bad as they feared they were. And, by conducting this honest assessment, they are better able to determine areas for improvement along with areas of success for motivation to continue.

I encourage you to take the time to make an honest assessment of your worth as a person.  As in determining one’s financial net worth, you may be surprised by the results.

Wishing you peace, success, and happiness in your life.

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Vision Or Action?

Which is more critical to success – vision or action?  Do you remember when you first started your business or career choice?  Most likely, you had a clear vision of what your future would hold by pursuing that path.  Undoubtedly you were excited and energized by the possibilities, but it did not stop there, did it?  Image result for vision or actionRather than sitting around dreaming of what might be, you took action. With no doubts, fears, foreseeable obstacles, or any negative thoughts holding you back, you pressed on.  And progress was made – yes? Along the way, though, the vision probably became less clear as it was clouded by challenges and obstacles – especially from people who do not share that same vision.  As a result, your actions may have become less deliberate and you probably had the feeling you were spinning wheels as you were simply just trying to get through each day. Losing sight of our original vision, we lose our drive and motivation to press on and our actions are often pointless.  This leads to disappointment and even failure.

However, if you stay focused on your vision and take action by focusing on what will get you closer to it, then you will achieve and even exceed your dreams.  Heed help with that? I work with people just like you holding them accountable for staying focused. Because, in the words of Joel Barker:

“Vision without action is simply a dream.  Action without vision is passing time. Vision with action can change the world.”

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Planning With Prioritization

With each Quarterly Planning Session, I am reminded of the value of planning.  I am also reminded of the positive impact planning has not only on businesses, but more importantly on the people doing the planning.  Much of our angst and worry comes from seemingly having too many things to do and not enough time to do them. Prioritization consists of tasks swirling around in our minds – all urging us as if to say, “Pick me!  I’m the most important! Pick me!”

Prioritization is the key to planning.  We have simple, effective ways to help you prioritize tasks and action steps that will carry out your strategies.


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Today’s Motivation:

  • Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value.