Visions Never Go Away

A client of mine recently went through some challenging times. Declining sales, personnel issues, and owner health issues took their toll and threatened to dash the dreams of the owner. Sound at all familiar?

Last October, I posted a blog dealing with holding on to your dreams. When we first start a business or a job, we are full of optimism and excitement. In our minds, nothing could stop us! Then…life happens. Challenges and issues such as those mentioned above begin to cloud that vision as slowly it begins to fade as hope also wanes.

Well, I’m happy to report that my client’s business has rebounded and they have regained their vision! But had they really ever lost it? Did it just die and go away? No. It was there all the time. They just lost sight of it for a while and, when began to experience some positive growth, the vision magically appeared again. You see, it was never lost. The vision was always there – they simply couldn’t see it.

The first topic of our new “Business Builders” program will address vision and the importance of having a clear vision of what you want your business to look like in three, five, ten years from now. I encourage you to sign up via our webpage to attend an in-depth look and discussion with other business owners about the value of maintaining a clear vision for your business.

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Embrace the “Yes”

Do you find it difficult to say,”No”?  If so, you probably also often wish you hadn’t said, “Yes”; spending much time, thought, and wringing-of-hands lamenting the fact that you couldn’t or didn’t say, “No”. 


As you work on becoming more comfortable with managing your time better by being able to say, “No”, I encourage you to embrace your “Yes” response.  Take ownership of and responsibility for following through with that commitment with a smile – no regrets or second-guessing.

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Hiring For Your Team

When hiring, I’ve made it a practice to:
1. When interviewing, ask the candidate how they would feel if they got the job.
2. When offering the job, admonish the successful candidate to remember the feeling they had at receiving the offer.
3. At annual reviews, ask the employee if he/she still have that same feeling they had when first hired. If not, ask why not?
This practice serves to bring issues to the surface or rekindle enthusiasm for the job – both in an effort to maintain positivity and high energy among employees.

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Finishing the Race

Recently I watched my grandkids compete in a high school cross country competition. It was a
large event with over 100 boys running in the “B” group. Although I am proud of my grandkids,
I am not writing about them. Rather, I am writing about the LAST place finisher in the boys “B”
group. ALL of the other runners had finished when, about fifteen minutes later, the last place finisher came in view of the spectators. The cheers from the crowd were just as many and as loud as they were for the first-place finisher. This boy had given it his all to get to this point and was now obviously struggling to find that last bit of energy to finish the last 200 yards. Whether it was the cheers from the crowd, an inner prayer, or the vision of actually finishing the race, he pushed on and finished! He had done it! No trophies, medals, or ribbons. No articles or name in the paper the next day. But what a race for ME as well as this kid to remember. I will never see him again or ever know what his future holds for him. What I do know is that the determination and never-give-up attitude exemplified by him are the characteristics that lead to success.

As you struggle with the everyday challenges and issues in your business and life, remember the boy-with-no-name who kept going – in spite of the time it took with seemingly no glory in his results to look forward to. Keep pressing forward and you, too, will overcome the challenges and obstacles that threaten to hold you back from your goals.


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The Positives and the Negatives

Do you find yourself too often getting bogged down in negatives? Processing and dealing with negatives on the news, at home, and in the office zap energy and focus. Need help with re-gaining a positive mindset?

Suggestion: Set up two columns on a sheet of paper. On one column, list the negatives and challenges you have faced and dealt with in the past year. Then, cross off the ones that are no longer issues or are totally beyond your control. Next, list on the second column the positives that happened in the past year. Cross off any that did not help you to move your business forward. Now take at look at both columns. My guess is that there are more positives than negatives listed and that the majority of negatives were crossed off as now being irrelevant while the majority of positives are still relevant to the success of your business.

We spend far too much time and energy in wringing our hands over the negatives instead of recognizing and applauding the positives! Let go of holding on to the negatives and, instead, embrace the positives.

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Today’s Motivation:

  • Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value.