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Things Don’t Always Go As Planned

There is a cartoon that I share with attendees at our Quarterly Planning Sessions.  The cartoon accurately and humorously depicts our plan versus reality – the things that happen on a daily basis that disrupt our plan. If you are

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Workplace Culture

Every business has a culture that is all their own.  That culture can be good or bad, positive or negative, effective or ineffective.  Culture is defined as, “…the ideas, skills, customs, skills, arts, etc. of a group that are transferred,

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Workplace Drama

The popular children’s story of Chicken Little is full of lessons.  As the story goes, an acorn fell on Chicken Little’s head causing him to think that the sky was falling.  He then went about needlessly warning others about the

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Your Business Is A Seed

You as a business owner have planted a seed.  That seed is your business. You took careful steps to make sure it got off to the right start.  Much thought and planning went into determining a name, filing as a

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What Is Your Net Worth?

What is your “net worth”?  A few may know their financial net worth, but how many of us know our net worth as a person/   Our Pastor spoke of our net worth in her sermon on Sunday and it

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Today’s Motivation:

  • Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value.