Making Your Bed is a Great Way to Start each Morning


How often did you hear those words spoken (in varying intensity) as you were growing up? Did you resent it and wonder. “Why?”? Obviously, our parents “encouraged” us to make our beds as a way to teach us responsibility, completion of tasks, and who-knows- what other life lessons. We saw it as something else we HAD to do. Therefore, if you are at all like me, making your bed ceased to be a priority when you were able to make your own decisions and schedule your own day.make-your-bed

That is, at least until recently.

I have found that making the bed is actually a GREAT way to start my day! Doing so gives me the satisfaction of having done something positive right out of the gate. That feeling of accomplishment, even completing such a small, rather meaningless task, seems to ignite a flame for completing my next planned task for the day. This energy then feeds on itself throughout the day. On the other hand – when I do not make my bed – my day seems to also start out as disheveled as the sheets and blankets on my bed!

Does this sound weird or juvenile to you? Before passing judgment, please try it. Or, if making your bed is not for you, start every day with completing some other routine task of your choice. Let me know how it works for YOU. Now…


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Today’s Motivation:

  • Life is more meaningful when we give to one another.