Working Through Adversity

It happened to me AGAIN this morning! Seemingly the world was against me – plans going awry, my “to do” list getting longer instead of shorter, becoming overwhelmed with what to do and how to do it. I wanted so badly to just pull up the covers, go back to sleep, and not deal with life today!
Has this ever happened to YOU?? Am I not the only one that goes through this sort of scenario? What do YOU do?

Well, I reluctantly chose (important word) to start the day…but not without feeling a bit sorry for myself and not being motivated to do anything other than what I absolutely HAD to do. Yes…I was going to allow life to dictate my day and attitude.

I obligingly responded to a couple of phone and text messages and began working on content for our webpage. And then, without fanfare or even intention, something strange began to happen. I suddenly found myself completely immersed in what needed to be done and my attitude was changing from reactive to proactive. As I worked, I gained momentum and was accomplishing things that earlier in the day I had not even imagined doing. Life was okay again.

I began this article with, “It happened to me AGAIN this morning!” You may have thought I meant facing the day overwhelmed, fearful, and apathetic. What I actually meant was that…while those feelings were indeed present…by taking a step forward into the teeth of despair, I turned a potentially self-defeating day into one that was highly productive and energizing. It has happened to me before; therefore, there must be something to it. It just might work for you, too.

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Today’s Motivation:

  • To handle yourself, use your head. To handle others, use your heart.