Now is the time to…

How many times have you and I said, “I haven’t had time to…” or “I didn’t have time to…” or “I’ve been too busy to…”?  Well, it seems as though for most of us we will have the time over the next number of weeks. What we choose to do with that time is critical to the aftermath of the pandemic.

NOW is the time to catch up on the paperwork, filing, phone calls, letters, emails, etc. that we have put off due to prior prioritization of tasks.  NOW is the time to plan for the next several weeks and for after the pandemic subsides. We should set daily goals so that our time “away from the office” will be productive, solidify systems, re-train employees (even if it’s by phone or face-time), and do the things that will help our businesses to rock-and-roll when the crisis is no more.

Take advantage of this unusual opportunity to catch our breath.  NOW is the time…!!

Posted in Goal Setting, Planning, Time Management

Today’s Motivation:

  • Life is short, so try hard in all you do. But try to enjoy it, too.