Planning Is A Waste Of Time!

I’ve been told that planning is overrated or even a waste of time!  Why plan when life just gets in the way and our plans are thrown off anyway?  Or, my plans never seem to work out. Sound familiar? Well, is it the planning that is at fault here or the execution of the plan that needs some attention?

Planning is good as it sets the path for progress and growth.  Without planning, we are simply being reactive versus proactive – letting things just happen instead of taking control to make sure that what we want to happen, will happen.  In business, we must learn to roll with the punches – dealing with necessary distractions, ignoring the unnecessary distractions, and getting back on track as quickly as possible.  Instead we often allow distractions to derail us. Yes, I said “allow”! It is our choice how much emphasis is placed on situations, circumstances, people, and setbacks. The more emphasis we place on these distractions, the less likely we are to reach our goals.

I encourage you to be flexible enough to place an appropriate amount of time in dealing with distractions yet focused enough to get back on plan quickly.  You’ll find your plans will work out much better if you do.



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Today’s Motivation:

  • It always seems impossible until it’s done.