I first met Duane through the Marysville Entrepreneurial Center. I rent office space and also attend MEC programs like “FirsTuesdays”, which provides valuable networking and speakers who, while also using the opportunity to introduce themselves and their businesses, provide valuable advice.

I have not just benefited from Duane’s work in reviving the MEC. I have benefited even more from his leadership, teaching, and advice through the 12-Week Year program he leads and through one-on-one coaching. The 12-Week Year program has helped me tremendously by moving me from a reactionary business approach to a planned approach. The one-on-one coaching has furthered that and also provided me with a sounding board for ideas and helped me form action items that will help me bring my ideas to reality. But while the business process improvements he has helped me with are valuable, perhaps even more valuable is the confidence he has instilled in me, allowing me to continue to grow my business after a few years of flat revenue.

The result of this is that I am close to renewing all my customers for next year and have offered them additional services which they may purchase to help increase their revenue. I am also close to closing work with two large, well-respected technology companies, and also one of the largest, most well-respected international private meteorological companies which, if successful, will increase revenue potentially by 50-100%.

Duane has done a great job turning the MEC around from its initial stumbles, and has helped Marysville become known as a city that supports entrepreneurship. The MEC, and Duane, have measurably helped my business grow and personally have helped me become a better business person. As a business owner and a 15-year Marysville resident with two children who have grown up here, a strong, vibrant MEC is important to me and I believe to the future growth of Marysville and Union County in the new economy.

Eric Floehr, President
Intellovations, LLC

Cartridge World Dublin began working with Duane in October 2012. During that time, there have been highs and lows. We have experienced challenges with HR and developing a sales strategy. Duane has been both coach and cheerleader, ready to celebrate victories and urge us onward when we need a push. He holds us accountable. Our business is growing. We continue to break monthly sales records and are enthused. Above all the faith of Duane and Gil is transparent and aligns with ours. What we do, we do for the glory of God.

Diane Kehler, Co-owner
Cartridge World Dublin

Dogwood Business Development has been instrumental in helping me, as a small business owner, to wade through the maze of organizational development, personnel, hiring, budgeting and a lot of the facets of owning your own business.

Both Duane and Gil have uplifted me with personal messages of faith and inspiration. I have been able to bounce ideas off them. They have helped me to plan and forecast on a quarterly basis. Sometimes they have given me the tough love everyone needs at times to make those tough decisions.

I hired a business coach and developed a friendship. More importantly, they have helped me develop a circle of like-minded people in business in Marysville. I can’t say enough about their advice and the inspirational and motivational messages they have given me. In a world where there are plenty of negative voices, it is good to have Duane and Gil on my side speaking the hard truths, but also saying, “You’re ok, you’re going in the right direction”.

Catherine R. Hufnagle
Owner, Hufnagle Insurance Group, Inc.

Today’s Motivation:

  • You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.