No Shortcuts

When it comes to achieving true success, there are no shortcuts.  Having a vision of what you want your future to be is not enough.  Simply wishing, hoping, and, yes, even praying does not do it.  We must take the necessary steps to move forward.  Planning and implementation of the plan along with tracking results and making adjustments where necessary can be tedious and difficult to maintain.

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Year End Thoughts

What a year!  The challenges businesses have faced in 2020 are unlike any experienced in the last decade – if not ever.  The pandemic has resulted in patience all but running out, tempers running short, and communication being reduced to mostly confrontational.  Relationships and morale have deteriorated as a result causing desired results to be compromised.  As we look ahead, what can we do to minimize the negative impact of the continuing pandemic?

It starts with YOU.  First of all, understand that everyone has been stressed by the pandemic to varying degrees.  Exercise extreme patience in your communication with customers, vendors, and team.  Secondly, remain focused on moving forward and the positives achieved in spite of rather than using the excuse of because of the pandemic.

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Stressed by the Pandemic?

What impact has the pandemic had on focus, desire, and hope of you, your team, and your business?  If you have experienced or are experiencing less than positivity, you are not alone.  Every business and person I’ve talked to has been stressed by the pandemic to varying degrees.  Personally, I believe that God helps us through times like this if we ask.  But it is up to us to have the faith, confidence, and hope to continue to move forward as though we believe it.

A solid plan for achieving desired goals is imperative if businesses are to achieve success.  Our Quarterly Planning Workshops are designed to provide a forum for planning, interaction with other business professionals, and revitalizing mindsets.  Attending our workshop in January will be a great way to make 2021 a new dawning for you and your business.

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Accountability Ally Part 2

In an earlier blog, we talked about the importance of utilizing an “accountability ally” for increased productivity in your business.  Did you ever think of yourself as an “accountability ally” for your team?  You should hold yourself to the same standards as you do for your “ally”:  To achieve your desired results, you must make sure your team is aligned with YOUR vision and that you include them in planning for their buy-in.

Encouraging your team to maintain a high level of productivity yields more positive results than a heavy-handed approach.  Remember to focus on the agreed-upon goals, strategies, and action steps.  Your team will perform up to your level of expectations.

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Utilizing an Accountability Ally

In your business, to whom are you held accountable?  It’s no secret that productivity levels are higher when we are held accountable.  Whether you have a board of directors or a personal business coach, utilizing a trusted “accountability ally” can help you achieve more in a shorter period of time.

When selecting your “accountability ally”, remember that you will be working as a team.  For best results, be sure to choose someone who will embrace YOUR vision for the business, help develop a workable plan, and then focus on keeping you on track for the agreed-upon goals, strategies, action steps, and deadlines.  Your “ally” should also serve as a sounding board for you to use for discussion of challenges and new ideas.  “Accountability allies” are a business’s best friend!     

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Today’s Motivation:

  • Life is the sum of all your choices.