It’s Going To Be Great

A client recently adopted an attitude of “It’s going to be great!”.  And what a difference it has made in his outlook regarding his business, approach to challenges, and overall attitude and energy level.  But let’s back up to look at what life was like before this change.

Faced daily with the challenges of leading a team, dealing with the unexpected, and making critical decisions on the fly, this client found himself bogged down with the negatives.  It seemed that each new day brought with it a new level of stress leading to his doubting the future of the business. No hope led to self-doubt, doubting others, and no clear vision for the future.  Then he adopted the phrase, “It’s going to be great!”.

What a difference!  He is now approaching each day with a clear vision of where the business is and where he wants it to go.  He faces daily challenges and issues with a renewed confidence. His leadership inspires the team by instilling a renewed confidence in them as well.

Suggestion: for better results, adopt an attitude of, “It’s going to be great!”.  And it will be!!

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Today’s Motivation:

  • Too often we look to God for answers but don’t listen to what He is telling us.